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3.5L Juice And Drink Dispenser

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Portable Mini Mop

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Prestige PS-101 Infrared Electric Cooker

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  • 7 Days Warranty (If there are any Manufacturing Defects)


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Prestige PS-101 Infrared Electric Cooker Price In Bangladesh


Power Output: The “2000w” in the model name suggests a power output of 2000 watts, indicating a relatively high-powered appliance suitable for cooking various dishes quickly.
Infrared Heating Technology: Infrared cookers use infrared radiation to heat the cookware and food directly, providing efficient and instant heat. This technology is known for faster cooking times and energy efficiency.
Temperature Control: These cookers usually come with adjustable temperature controls, allowing you to set the desired cooking temperature for different types of dishes.
Cooking Surface: The cooking surface is likely made of a durable material that can withstand high temperatures. It may have a smooth surface for easy cleaning.
Portable Design: Many infrared cookers are designed to be portable, making them suitable for use in various locations. They may have a lightweight and compact design, making them easy to move and store.
Safety Features: Common safety features may include overheat protection, automatic shut-off, and cool-touch handles to prevent burns during operation.
Cooking Modes: Some models might have different cooking modes or presets for specific types of dishes, making it easier for users to achieve optimal results.

Cleaning Tip


  • To remove dirt. Select limitless detergent.
  • Clean machine body and control panel
  • To remove dirt. Select limitless detergent or wet cloth.
  • Do not clean with water directly.
  • Keep the plate and machine body clean, and protect any inserts into may cause a short-circuit.
  • Inlet and outlet surface usable cotton swabs will dirt eliminate.
  • When using an infrared cooker after a period, if the plate produces a spot, it is a normal phenomenon, and will not affect this machine’s use.


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